March 23, 2014

Wicked Movie Review: Divergent

Hello! So finally, it's summer! And what better way to start summer by watching a movie. This will be my first movie review. So, there might be spoilers in here. Don't kill me though. I warned you.

March 13, 2014

Wicked Journey: Gawad Telon 2014

 Wicked Journey is a feature is where I recount the times I actually went out of my comfort zone and went to different places. This includes book signings, travels, and other posts related to journeying.

Happy Friday! Man, this week flew by so fast. But one thing is for sure, there's only one week left and then it's summer!

Last Monday was the 3rd Gawad Telon, the annual awarding ceremony for Directing and Theater Production class under Sir Edward 'Dudz' Teraña. It was my first time to go to a party straight from my school. Makes me feel so badass. :)

Our production, YOLO Production, won 5 awards! And our section, MC1138, bagged most of the awards!

I feel so proud for everyone. Our section went through many fights and eye rolling but in the end, all of it paid off. We were cheering for everyone last Monday night. No words can describe how fun that night was. And how many cocktails we drank. ;)

So without further ado, Gawad Telon Photodump. :)

(Our first award! Best Poster! Thanks Bry, our ever awesome Photoshop guy/Technical Director)

(The directors of MC1138! L-R: Edward Vitangcol/Teatro Arida, EJ Gonzales/YOLO Production, Yesh Burce/Fiera Production, and Julian Damia/Ronda Magda)

(Kat Donato, MC1138's Youtube sensation. LOL!)

(Our beloved professor! <3)

(We won 4th Place as Best Play!)

(Fiera Production won 2nd Place for 'Hubad')

(Ronda Magda Production won as 1st Place for 'Asawa')

(Teatro Arida won Best Production!)

(MC1131 group pic.)

(Best section evar!)

(Me with out beloved Stage Manager, Caroline. P.S Thanks for the pics, Carol!)

(Me with one of the hosts. Doesn't she look beautiful?)

(With the awesome bunch!)

(Nicole, Me and Gayle...Slightly...You know.)

I was slightly wasted. I mean, the drinks were awesome and it was overflowing. 'Twas a fun night. I am going to miss MC1138 and of course, YOLO Production. Four months of being with them feels like forever. See you guys at the hallways of the Arts Building, 2nd floor! Good luck to all of us.

With that, I bid adieu. Till next time!

March 1, 2014

Wicked Journey: YOLO Production: It's SHOWTIME!

Wicked Journey is a feature is where I recount the times I actually went out of my comfort zone and went to different places. This includes book signings, travels, and other posts related to journeying.

February 19, 2014 at 7:30 am: I was the first one in our group to arrive looking so sleepy since I got home last night at around 9 pm and I had to wake up at around 4 am so I could hitch a ride with my dad going to school to save money.

Carrying the laptop and some hangers to be used as props, I sat down in front of the theater studio like a dog waiting for its master to open the door. Doors were opened and alas, I'm still alone.

Well, not for long. Everything was a rush to me. I hardly remember what exactly happened a few hours before our first show. >__<

Of course, no backstage happenings aren't complete with selfies or groupfies. Whatever you call them. Heh.

Last minute rehearsal on stage. OMG. IT'S TIME YOU GUYS. THIS IS REALLY IT. (Featuring pre-show pics of the infamous rape scene~)


The house was packed during the second show. Mainly because most of the students were done with classes then and all the parents of the actors of all the productions from our section arrived. I was so nervous during the show. So nervous that I messed up not once, not twice. You get the picture. I was so ashamed when I went to the dressing room after the show because well, I messed up. I will never live this down.

But nonetheless, finally we're done! All the sleepless nights and the fights and the cigarettes and alcohol and the money and the food we consumed and used were worth it. Seeing my friends from other sections who watched after the show was enough to lift my spirits up during that night. :)


(L-R: Katherine Tenia, Assistant Stage Manager/Make-up Artist; Caroline Castro, Head Stage Manager; Bryan Rivera, Technical Director/Marketing and Publicity; William Beltran, Actor; Ejhey Gonzales, Director; Leeroyd Pelaez, Actor/Production Designer; Paolo Inan, Lights Designer; Ivonne Trabado, Production Manager; Ivy Iglesia, Costume Designer/Props, and yours truly, Sounds Designer)

I am getting teary eyed again as I type this. I am just so proud of my group. We moved so slow as we went out of school to eat at Mang Inasal's in Morayta. It's as if we don't want to part ways. We have grown so close and so fond of each other. Going over our inside jokes and talking using the lines from the play. :)

It's been a week since our show. I still have a slight hangover from it. :) Next is the 3rd Gawad Telon, the awarding ceremony for the sections under Sir Dudz Terana. *crossing my fingers* Hopefully we win an award. And expect more pictures.