June 22, 2014

#JennyHanInPH Recap

Hey guys! Here's my recap of #JennyHanInPH. There's so much that happened that day, I don't even know where to start. I know being early has its perks. During the #VTRinPH event, I was number 120. Last Saturday, I moved up a notch. I was number 41!

My friends were earlier than me though. They were their since 3 AM. I was still asleep by then. So waiting ensues. We talked about Jenny Han's books and I gave out the bookmarks I made, which are just chosen quotes from the Summer trilogy and To All The Boys I've Loved Before.

At around 10, we went in and got ourselves registered and ate brunch. After that, we ran to Powerbooks where the blogger's forum was held. A bit of magic and I was in. I was hoping that I could get an ARC of Ashes to Ashes but unfortunately that didn't happen. But this happened.

My friend, Godwin, owns this shirt and is designed by Jasmin. We were joking about this earlier that it should be Alex Limp instead of Alex Lind. When I asked Jenny Han to sign it, she laughed and took a picture of it. And now, I'm on her Instagram. It's one thing to get to talk to an author on Twitter or have them follow you there, but it's another thing when they take a photo of you and post it on their Instagram. Though I wish I didn't look so flustered in this photo.

We went back to National Bookstore to wait a little bit more. While we waited, we took a bunch of pictures.

At around 3PM, she arrived!

She was so happy to be here even if she has been doing rounds, being on TV and talking since last Tuesday. She talked about how she started the Burn for Burn trilogy with her co-author and best friend, Siobhan Vivian. They wrote the whole thing together, even if the books had three POVs in them. She also shared that she once had a 'Conrad' but she didn't end up with him. Someone from the audience asked if she's planning to write a spin off for Jeremiah but she said that she's not planning any. Which is pretty sad, seeing as I want to know what happened to Jeremiah. The poor dude.

The really really early birds were given ARCs of Ashes to Ashes because they had been there since 11 PM! It was crazy.

The signing event started. They gave out bookplates to the first 20 or 30 people. I don't remember. Which is very sad because I wasn't part of the first 20 or 30. </3  I ready my gift for her. It's just a bookmark that I made and attached a cellphone charm that I got from Korea. I hope she uses it! *crosses fingers*

Ticking this one off of my bucket list! <3 I have yet to read her other books so stay tuned for that. Till then, see you on the next book signing! P.S Thanks to Godwin and Charm for all the pictures. <3

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