January 27, 2015

Reasons Why I Haven't Read Anything Yet

Well, hello there. As seen above, I haven't done any reading for the past week,. WEIRD, I KNOW. Aside from dying over my undergraduate thesis, I'm squeezing in some telly. I mean, I'm watching a bunch of shows all at the same time and it's taking up my time. Most of them just came back from their mid-season finales okay.

Arrow (The CW)
Seasons: 3
Episode I'm Watching: Season 3, EP10

The Flash (The CW)
Seasons: 1
Episode I'm Watching: EP10

Downton Abbey (iTV)
Seasons: 5
Currently Watching: Season 2, EP01
I need to catch up on this one!

Jane The Virgin (The CW)
Seasons: 1
Currently Watching: EP01

How To Get Away With Murder (ABC)
Seasons: 1
Currently Watching: EP09

I just realized that I'm practically watching everything that is on The CW. I'm going to fangirl a bit because Gina Rodriguez (Jane The Virgin) won a Golden Globe for Jane The Virgin and Joanna Froggatt (Downton Abbey) won a Golden Globe for Downton Abbey. Viola Davis (How To Get Away With Murder) also won a SAG Award as well as the whole cast of Downton Abbey! I am so happy right now.

Weekend is upon us and I swear to everything that is holy, that I will pick up a book! I'd like to know what you're watching right now.


  1. Good luck with your thesis, ate Annette! I just finished my last ever high school mini-thesis and the feeling is GUHREAT! Also, HTGAWM is super awesome and omg I can't wait for the new episodes!!!!!!!!

  2. I have yet to start Jane, but ughhhh! And I wanna start Downton too, like very seriously. Coz ugh! HUGH BONNEVILLE!!! <3