May 10, 2015

{Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway} Marry Me, Charlotte B! by Carla de Guzman

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Marry Me, Charlotte B!
Published: April 30, 2015
Genre: New Adult

You are cordially invited to the wedding of the year!

Nellie Canlas loves her job. She loves being assistant to reality TV star and wedding planner goddess, the fabulous Charlotte Bertram, and she loves working with couples to make their wedding dreams come true. What she doesn’t love is having cameras following her all the time, especially when she’s crushing hard on the lawyer from another floor.

Robert Bertram doesn’t like planning weddings. He doesn’t like being on TV either. But when he finds himself in possession of Nellie’s diary, he thinks he can turn her into anyone’s dream girl. If he doesn’t fall for her first.

Thank you to the wonderful people at The Bookish Diaries Book Tours for this opportunity.

It took me till the end of episode one or chapter one to realize that this book was written in a way that it looks like a reality TV show written on paper. I, for one, watch reality TV shows, like, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I know they're not 'reality' really but it's just fun to watch.

So this reality show centers on the Charlotte Betram and her wedding planning team. They're about to undertake the biggest wedding of the century and Nellie Canlas is tasked to be the wedding planner for the said wedding while being a dutiful sister and planning her older sister's civil wedding, She has a lot on her plate.

Everything's in good taste. Nellie's weirded out by the fact that everyone knows she has a crush on this cute lawyer from another floor while Charlotte Betram's son, Robert, is pining for her. Robert feels that Nellie has a lot of potential. She's stuck forever as Charlotte Bertram's assistant and Robert feels like it's his job to make things better for Nellie.

But all good things come to an end as Nellie realizes that all of this is just a set up. It leaves her heartbroken. Robert has lost the girl she loves. No love story happens without any struggles and thus Robert and Nellie live happily ever after.

This is the second Carla de Guzman book I've read and I'm happy that I got the chance to read another book of hers. Her writing is tasteful and fun and it tugs at the hearstrings and leaves you with that giddy feeling after which I call 'kilig', :D

Carla de Guzman ( had horrible handwriting as a kid. That didn't stop her from writing, though. Riddled with too much energy and a vivid imagination, she started writing every midnight. She grew up with her toes in the sand and her bags packed and ready to go on adventures. These books are chronicles of her journeys, with a silly love story mixed in.

When she’s not sitting in a plane or working, Carla writes for her blog, Some Midnights (, Modern Filipina and for When in Manila.

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