October 28, 2015

Book Turned Art: Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

I have yet to come up with a decent sort of poster for my new feature called, Book Turned Art. So, Book Turned Art is a feature where I showcase my so-called talents in Adobe Photoshop and make up posters inspired by the book.

For the first Book Turned Art post, I'm going to showcase Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. Yes. I'm still reeling from this book. If you don't follow me on Twitter, then you should. Go, follow me here. A day before Illuminae was out into the wild, I made some posters inspired by the book.

This quote is the biggest understatement from the book and is by far my favorite quote from the book.

This one gave me the butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling. I think, it's still here...

This quote came from AIDAN. This one is very unforgettable too.

I would like to thank PaperJunk over at Deviantart. You can find his/her work here: http://www.paperjunk.deviantart.com. The fonts I used are standard fonts.

So, there you have it. I'm no master when it comes to digital art. But I'm trying anyways.

I would like to know your thoughts on this. And probably some suggestions for a poster made by me, if you would like.


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  2. I'm looking forward to read this book! It got me pretty intrigued. :)

    - Erika @ The Nocturnal Fey