February 18, 2017

All About #romanceclass: The Most Loving Community Ever

If you've been following my new Twitter, then I guess you'll find me going gaga over #romanceclass. So, #romanceclass is a community of Filipino authors that write romance in English and are published independently or under a publishing company locally or internationally.

So I had the pleasure to meet some of these lovely people last October 26, 2015 during the first #SparkNA launch. Mostly they write New Adult romances and can get as steamy as possible. They also tackle real life, the good and the bad.

#romanceclass was spearheaded by none other than fairy godmother extraordinaire, Mina V. Esguerra back in 2013. She is a goddess, I tell you. She facilitates the classes and paved the way for authors to spread the word about romance and well, of course, Filipino authors.

(Hi, Mina. I took this from your Twitter. Hihihi! Follow her here: Twitter || Website || Facebook)

They've published ~hundreds~ of books already in print and digital editions and have held a bunch of book launches and events over the years where readers and authors gather for feels.

Here are just some of the events they've had and joined:

Once you go to these events, you will never stop going. Yes. That's the effect that this community has. You just have to see for yourself just how awesome and how amazing and how loving this community can be.

Another one of my favorite live reader ~couple~ Gracielle "Graie" So and Miguel Almendraz!

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The lovely authors + Gio Gahol and Gab Pangilinan, just two of our many live reader ~couples~

Yes, that's me and my lovely #romanceclass buddy Jera. We're almost always stressed...because there are just so many books to choose from every time we go to a #romanceclass event!

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Live readings are the best part of every #romanceclass event. These people who are loved by the community and loves the community bring the characters that we love to life...sometimes even larger than life.


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Book boyfriends, I mean. Hello??? No question. #romanceclass book boyfriends are the best!

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I mean, need I say more??

This is my recent #romanceclass haul~ But that's nowhere even near the number of books that I currently own~

There you have it. I'm proud to say I'm a bit of a #romanceclass ninja??? warrior??? I don't know the current operative word for it. Hahahaha! But, hey, give romance a chance. After all, we do need some love, right?

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