June 24, 2017

#WickedAdventures: Conquering Mr. Oro

Hi, people. If you've known me for a long time, you probably know that 1) I was born in the city and 2) I have never in my life climbed a mountain. But everything changed last June 17. My lovely office mates tagged me along, with zero sleep and zero training whatsoever, to climb Mt. Oro in Rodriguez, Rizal. According to Wikipedia, Mt. Oro is 340 meters above sea level. To an experienced climber, it's not high. But to me, it was tall enough.

The minute our shift ended at 11PM on June 16, Friday, we dashed to Cubao over at Sidney's house. We debated whether we would sleep for a few hours or eat. Of course, we ate.

At exactly 4AM, we rode an FX at Farmer's, Cubao going to Rodriguez. Since it was still early in the morning, it took only 30 minutes tops to reach Rodriguez. The minute we got off the FX, I was shaking. Not because of the early morning breeze. But because, damn it, I'm going to climb a fucking mountain!!!!! So I was scared, excited, nauseous, happy, sleepy, and all sorts of emotions.

Don't we look so fresh on a Satuday morning? (Photo from Sidney and Christian)

After buying last minute things at the nearest 7/11, we rode a tricycle going to Brgy. Mascap. The tricycle ride was crazy because the drivers drove so fast along winding roads. Finally, reached the registration area near the barangay hall.

Adventure awaits, but first, a photo. (Photo from Sidney)

Our guide, Kuya Robert, was so nice. He told stories about the mountain and his experience as a guide. The trail up to the mountain was relatively okay at first. But compared to my friends, I was the one who had a hard time. I keep losing my footing while climbing and my legs were burning already. Either it's because I had no sleep or because of my weight or because I'm just generally clumsy or all of the above. So I had to go forward near our guide just in case I further injure myself.

Still a long way to go~ (Photo from Sidney)

For a moment, I forgot my worries because wow, the view was amazing. I mean, I wish I could live the simple life away from the buildings and the concrete jungle that I've always known. You don't have to go far and spend much to escape. I used to be so amazed whenever my friends tell me stories of when they went to the beach or climbed a mountain over the weekend. I don't know if it was just me, but I always thought that going to such places would be exhausting. You only had two days of break. But you'll never know once you try.

So, to you, if you're a corporate slave or not, TAKE A BREAK. Go as far as you can away from the city. Your body, your heart and your mind will thank you for it.

Into the woods with these ladies~ (Photo from Sidney)

The weeds are almost as tall as me. (Photo from Sidney)

How can you not take a photo of that view? (Photos from Sidney)

I think it was around 8AM when we reached the top. But the sun was shining so bright I thought it was high noon already. Let me tell you, I was rendered speechless. I mean. JUST WOW.

Tried my hand at taking panorama

VICTORY IS OURS! But really my photos don't even do it justice.

Because dab is life (Photos from Sidney)

Obviously, our adventure doesn't end there. We took a side trip going to Payawaran Falls. It took at least an hour to reach the falls but it was well worth it.

Hell yeah, still so fresh (Photo from Christian)

Fresh coconut water. Thanks to Kuya Robert! (Photo from Sidney)

I don't think I would've made it out alive if it weren't for Kuya Robert. (Photos from Sidney)

The water was so cold. I wish we could've stayed there all day. (Photo from Sidney)

(Photos from Sidney)

Thus, our adventure ended. I promised myself that I will lose weight so that I could go on another adventure like this one. I don't know when that will be but let's see. Thank you to my friends who put up with my "heredera"-ness. On to the next adventure~

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