October 6, 2017

#WickedAdventures: Conquering Five Fingers @ Bataan

Okay, hi, I'm back. Not dead. Just, really busy with adulting because has to do it. That and I've been bitten with the travel bug again but I'm yet to be called a weekend warrior.

Anyways, right. Let's get to it. So last weekend, I went on a little trip with my officemates to Bataan on a Sunday no less. We tagged along with the other people from #BackLa aka Backpackers of Laguna. They've been around for quite some time arranging tours around the Philippines. They're composed of this wonderfully, awesome duo, Hency and John Vincent (Janbi to us hahahaha!).

This will be more like a photo dump post because what are words? It's like 1AM on a Friday that I'm writing this and my brain refuses to function anymore. But I most finish posting this. DISCLAIMER: All photos used in this post are entirely from the #BackLa Team because they take better photos than I do.

So, first off, Five Fingers is located in Mariveles, Bataan, a famous freeport zone and seaside town. It's accessible by all means of transportation, private and public (bus, mostly) especially if you're from Manila. It's a quick weekend getaway. Really, you don't have to go that far to look for a nice, quiet beach that's near the metro.

Look at us. So fresh!

Tinanlankan Cove + Cliff

Okay, first on our list was the cliff diving. And oh my God, the cliff is like 40ft high, with the waves crashing so violently against the rocks. The friendly manongs told us that it was still safe to go cliff diving despite the waves. I really, really, really wanted to jump but alas, monthly female visit stopped me. (You know what I mean.) Instead, enjoy the beauty that is this really high cliff and beautiful cove. If you want to be safe, then go for the 10ft point. But if you want to be YOLO, go ahead, feel free to take on the 40ft point.

With my officemates, Sidney and Suzy! We were so colorful

Cove to Cove Hopping

As the name suggests, Five Fingers is composed of five different coves that are connected with each other. You could go snorkeling if you want or rock climbing around these coves. But when we went there, it was just mere hours after a quite tame storm but the waters still did same kinda dangerous. Or maybe that was me. I hope these photos would do you justice of the beauty that is this place.

Quiet Apatot Cove

Nagbintana Arch

Pulong Kawayan Cove

Remember the throne room at Dragonstone in Game of Thrones Season 7? This kinda looks like that only grander. I was the only one left at the top because my body refused to cooperate and go down aka I was just being scared.


So, after island hopping, we got off at this really cute beach to wash up and have lunch and take gazillion photos at the top of this cove because the view is just like in Batanes. That's why this town is called "Batanes of the West".

It started to rain afterwards then it stopped. Then it rained again. The weather was so unpredictable. Before we left Bataan, we stopped over to see the Sisiman Lighthouse and San Miguel's Peak.

Ultimate Tita pose. How much Tita can I get?

#BackLa Ladies~


And obviously, before we head back to the busy life of the metro, we stopped by mini Seoul aka Subic/Clark area. Mini Seoul because really, it's full of Koreans and their restaurants and supermarkets that surprisingly, the locals go to, to shop for their food. We were too tired to take more photos while eating but here's my photo because it left me speechless.

There you have it. I hope this post made sense. But anyways, again, shoutout to #BackLa! Thank you so much! And also, my dear officemates! Till our next adventure! Check out their Facebook page to know more about their upcoming tour packages: https://www.facebook.com/backpackersoflaguna/

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