April 27, 2014

Wicked Journey: Tahereh Mafi, Ransom Riggs and Veronica Rossi in Manila!

HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE! It's been two days since I got to be face to face with Tahereh Mafi, Ransom Riggs, and Veronica Rossi. I am still shaking from the experience. This is my second book signing too. So, I arrived at Glorietta at around 7 am and the line was pretty long already. I was praying that I could get a seat at the venue. Luckily, I found a friend of mine, Alia, while waiting in line. I got to convince her to save me a seat in return that I register seven books since I only have one book and National Bookstore set a limit for eight books per person.

After I registered, I quickly got to my seat and set up camp. I met my Twitter friends there and met new ones as well. It was sort of a meet up of everyone. My inner talkative goddess came out because of them.

By 3 pm, they came out to meet us! (Sorry for like super unHQ pictures. TT_TT)

(This was the crazy crowd. Credits to National Bookstore for this picture!)

(Credits to National Bookstore for this photo)

The screams were deafening when they took on the stage. I was shaking and screaming and taking pictures and videos at the same time. Tahereh was so beautiful and she wore these neon colored heel less pumps that looked so pretty yet so scary to wear and walk around with. But she handled it gracefully. But Veronica Rossi was much beautiful in person. I haven't read her series yet but now I am currently reading Under The Never Sky. I just, like, fell in love with her face. I think I found myself an author crush. :)

Ransom was adorable with his little camera taking videos and pictures of everyone. Like Tahereh, he's one snappy dresser. So, the interview started. Under The Never Sky is slated for a movie under Warner Brothers. Shatter Me is also slated for a movie under 20th Century. And Miss Peregrine is also going to be a movie with Tim Burton as directed. How awesome is that?! Ransom also said that auditions are open for any male aged 18 who wants to play Jacob, the lead in Miss Peregrine. I wonder if the guys in the crowd ever considered auditioning for the role. :) Tahereh also shared that she knew from the first book who Juliette was going end up with. TEAM WARNER RAISE YOUR BANNERS! :) Veronica also shared that there ain't any love triangle in the Under The Never Sky series.

(Credits to National Bookstore for this photo)

In case you didn't know, Tahereh and Ransom got married last year. Everyone ships Ransereh because they are just the cutest, most awkward author couple ever. Tahereh shared to the crowd how she and Ransom met and Ransom was looking at her lovingly and I think I just died on the spot. And to add to that, the crowd screamed for a kiss, which of course they did. *cue FANGIRL SCREAMING*

(I'll post videos on the interviews later on. As I'm writing this, videos are currently uploading. Sucks right?)

Thanks to the books of my friends I got to have a picture with Veronica and Ransom because technically I only have Ignite Me with me. I know, loser me. Haha! I was number 156. At my first book signing, I was number 342. It pays off when you're early. There were three girls who literally camped out though. They were there in front of National Bookstore at Glorietta at around 2 AM! Crazy, right? Booknerds, take cue!

My picture with Tahereh was like a family picture because Ransom's face was in the background. <3 I didn't get to say anything to her because I was just so starstruck because this was the lady who created Aaron Warner for me to fall in love with. <3

Look at Veronica! She is just so pretty. We had a little conversation.

Veronica: Hi!
Me: Hi!
Veronica: How are you?
Me: I'm good.
Veronica: Are you having fun?
Me: Yes! This is so cool!
Veronica: Is this yours? *as I handed her the copy of Into The Still Blue*
Me: No, it's for a friend.
Veronica: Oh, I see.

And then we posed for this picture. *__*

Another incident happened with Ransom Riggs. The girl in front of me was chatting him up while he signed the four books I have. And then when she was done, it was my turn. But then the two of us got like confused with which book belonged to who and Ransom was like: "Oops! Tsk! Tsk!* He crossed his arms ad his face had this fake angry expression. It was so adorable!

I was in cloud nine when I got back to my seat and I was like so stunned after that. When I got back to my senses, I took my chance and selfied with all of my friends. :)

(Me with Jayvee of Writer For Misfits.)

(Me with Alia of Pondering of Psyche.)

(Me with Raine who is also a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer.)

(Me with Neil. He's so tall and he's wearing a 'Tider and Proud' shirt. I'm very jealous.)

(Tahereh Mafi doll! This came along with a Ransom Riggs doll but unfortunately I didn't get to take a picture with it. Credits to Joan of @DanahYumi on Twitter for the doll!)

I went home with my arms throbbing but it was all worth it. I was so so happy that I got to meet three authors all in the same day. I am thanking my lucky stars for this. Here;s to more book signings.

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  1. Great post, Anette! You have such great friends! :D And it's always fun meeting new people during events like these and I'm glad that you were able to meet Tahereh, Veronica and Ransom! They're such sweet and generally funny people. Hope to see you in future events, girl! <3

    1. Thank you so much, Louisse! I never knew going to book signings were so fun. :) I'm so looking forward to more of it. :)

  2. Wonderful post, Anette! Glad you had fun at the signing! :)