October 26, 2014

Wicked Journey: Jennifer E. Smith and Lissa Price in PH

This is way way way way way overdue! I got caught up with school after this so I didn't get to post this immediately. But anyways, I got to see my Peculiar Family once again after not going to Alex London's signing last August. I'm just gonna dump all of our really beautiful pictures here. DISCLAIMER: The following photos aren't mine. They're from my very sexy friend, Charm <3)

(This is Momma Joan's gift for Jennifer E. Smith! A charm locket inspired by The Geography of You And Me.)

(Jera the birthday girl!)

(The Peculiar Family doing the infamous 'Eriele' pose sans Eriele.)

And then there was that photo above. It all happened so fast. They approached our group and asked if we can be interviewed and then the rest was history. :) If memory serves, the interviewer asked me what we like about Jennifer E. Smith's books and I think I said something along the lines of long distance relationships and yeah.

Lissa and Jennifer arrived. Jennifer was even wearing tsinelas (Tagalog for 'slippers') and they just came from a storm free Cebu City. They shared their experience as writers, from balancing a day job to writing at night just to meet the deadline. They really are an inspiration.

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  1. Will you be at the Marie Lu signing? Hope to see you there! www.cuckooforbooks.blogspot.com